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How teaching kids the power of affirmation taught me a greater lesson about the adult outlook on life

“Beauty is not what your face looks like, but if you always act with loving kindness, if you think of others and always have a smile on your face then that’s what beauty means,” says 8-year-old Hayley* as we talk about the power of positive self-talk and affirmations.

This term, I’ve had the honour of working with kids in both our Shine Om Calming Champions and Active Attitudes Wellness Warriors programs focusing on the power and magic of manifestation, affirmation, mantra and positive self-talk.


We’ve created mandalas, vision boards and daily mantras and throughout the entire process, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the infinite wisdom and truth these kids have shown me.

The children’s ages range from five to eleven, and their advice includes surrounding yourself with positive people who support your dreams, do more of what you love, always have fun and be kind to others.

We can learn so much from these mindful minis when we ask and actively listen to what they have to say.

On manifesting our desired futures…

When Noah (6 years old) pulled the mouse spirit animal card he immediately discarded it and chose to direct his own destiny “Rachel, I’m not a mouse, I’m an owl who eats the mouse because I’m wise and I want to fly like birds. I’m going to try my best and fly high above everyone when I become a chef when I grow up.”


“I dream of being an athlete. I’m going to work really hard and do the things I love and do the things I’m good at to get there!” says Tempest (8 years old) reminding us of the importance of hard work and dedication.

Darius* gives us adults something to seriously think about when choosing a career. “I’m going to make sure I keep doing the things that bring me joy so that I’m always happy, especially when I’m studying to become an engineer.”

Safaia (6 years old) shares wisdom beyond her years and teaches us to rely upon and accept support from our tribe “I’m going to surround myself with people who love me so I can follow my dreams of becoming a Doctor.”

On positive self-talk…

The kids had more wise words to share on the power of affirmation and self-belief and were shocked at the thought that some people spoke to themselves so poorly.

“I can be a rainbow! Even on dark days when it is rainy, I can still be a rainbow if I believe it” – Mira*

Writing affirmations with Shine Om

The girls are working on writing positive affirmations in their My Mindful Year Journals.


When we discussed who the most important person to be best friends with is I got a range of exciting responses including your dog and other pets, god, your sibling, and your parents but this response was by far the most impressive from 9-year-old Lucy*

“The most important person to be best friends with and to love the most is yourself. You have to love yourself and believe in yourself first before anyone else because you’re with you for the rest of your life!”

Wow! Just wow! Teaching these classes brought me so much joy and insight, and it’s difficult to deny that these principles are certainly something to live by. These kids provide us with busy adults with a great reminder to slow down and connect with what’s most important to us.

I’d love to know what wisdom your little life coaches have to share. Comment below or on social media, and let’s listen and share their intelligence.

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