Kids Yoga

Shine Om engages children through fun and interactive mindful movement. We strive to make each class entertaining and fun while benefiting both our minds and bodies. We follow the philosophy of Rainbow Yoga and believe that yoga is best enjoyed together. We foster the idea of ‘togetherness’, providing children with an opportunity to form connections and learn to work collaboratively with their new yoga friends.

Children benefit from experiencing yoga and mindfulness in many ways. Some benefits include encouraging creativity and improving strength and flexibility while building self-confidence and self-awareness. Through play and movement, Shine Om teaches your child strategies to relax and reduce stress.

Each yoga class follows a theme and uses music to guide children through yoga poses, mindfulness and relaxation.

Shine Om 'Calming Champions' Kids Yoga starts Term 1 2020
Shine Om ‘Calming Champions’ Kids Yoga starts Term 1 2021

After school yoga classes are for kids aged between 5-12 (primary school-aged). However, this is a guide only, and if you have a child who is comfortable with joining in with younger or older children, they are more than welcome.

Kids Yoga Classes

Our classes are held weekly in Belconnen, Canberra and are indoors during the winter months (May to September) and outdoors in the summer months (October through to April).

Our Term classes will be held on Wednesdays for 6 weeks from 5.15 pm to 6 pm. Term 3 is starting 4 August to 8 September inclusively. Proposed Term 4 dates are October 27, November 3, 10, 17, 24 and December 1.

What to expect from Kids Yoga

Term 1 and 4, our summer terms, are an opportunity for children to learn yoga poses to cool their bodies in the summer heat and strategies to ‘calm the farm’ by managing back-to-school anxiety. Term 2, autumn, allows the children to develop their mindfulness skills as we observe the changes in nature, our minds and our bodies. Term 3 is our winter term, where we explore varying yoga sequences, poses and breathing techniques to generate heat in the body and eliminate coolness in the mind.

Your child will have opportunities to learn to:

  • Enhance their mindfulness skills
  • Use strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and calm the mind
  • Engage their senses to bring awareness to their present body
  • Develop an understanding of yoga poses and their effects on the body
  • Connect with their natural environment through sensory play and mindfulness

Prices include a booking fee. Pricing Schedule:

  • 6 Weeks yoga – $93
  • Casual drop-in class $21
  • 3 class passes are available for $54

 Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class commencing to allow your child to settle in and ensure classes start on time.

To book in your child, call Rachel on 0424027623, email or connect with us on social media.

We encourage children to have the opportunity to express themselves independently during our classes and advocate for parents and caregivers to use this time for self-care.


  • First Shine Om Kids Yoga Class is free.
  • 10% off the total price if signing up two or more people for the full term. This does not include the casual class or 4 class pass.
  • Refer a friend who signs up for the term, and you’ll receive 10% off your next full term fee.

No refunds will be provided for any missed classes.

‘Togetherness’ provides children with an opportunity to form connections.

What to wear: Sportswear which your child is comfortable moving in as our classes are active. We encourage nothing too long or flowing, which your child may trip on, i.e. flowing skirts or long flared pants.

What to bring: A water bottle is required. Most importantly, bring along an open mind and a willingness to have fun and participate.

If you would love for your child to experience Kids Yoga, but the group classes don’t fit your schedule, then get in touch to arrange for private lessons in your own home. We offer private group classes tailored to you and your tribe.

To enrol or express interest, please complete the form below outlining which class you would like your child to attend, and Rachel will be in touch with you shortly.

Such a beautiful little business, all taught from the heart  I can definitely see why children love attending xxx – Sarah, Canberra