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Essential Oils

Winter Warrior 15 ml Essential Oil Blend

Everyone needs this blend in their homes this winter. Winter Warrior aids in providing relief from the chilly days and cold nights. The combination of oils, including eucalyptus and Tea Tree, helps clear the nose to breathe away those nasty toxins associated with cold and flu. This blend is 100% Organically Certified.



Calm the Farm 15 ml Essential Oil Blend

Calm the Farm is a delightful blend of citrus, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils assisting in reducing states associated with anxiety. This blend is a Shine Om favourite and is perfect for when you need to take a few deep breaths to help calm your farm. This fragrant blend also aids as a divine perfume calming the senses of those who pass you by.



Australian Lavender 15 ml Essential Oil

Lavender is used as a sedative, antidepressant, anti-anxiety and calming agent. Great for relaxation and to accompany your yoga and meditation practice. This product is 100% Organically Certified.



Awaken 15 ml Essential Oil Blend

An uplifting blend of citrus and complimentary oils that assists with stimulating your senses and clearing your mind. This oil is the perfect accompaniment to help you bounce through your day.



Nighty Night 15 ml Essential Oil Blend

A perfect blend of sleepy essential oils such as chamomile and lavender used to assist and encourage a good night sleep. Great to apply 3 – 5 drops to your hot bath and breathe in the aromas or place a few drops on your pillow to send you calmly into dreamland.



You’ve Got This!

The blend was designed for teachers and busy people who need a little reminder throughout their day that "hey, you've got this!" Crafted with gentle yet powerful stress buster essential oils such as Rose Geranium and Lemongrass this blend will ground you and give you the lift you need to make it through the day.



Headache Relief 15 ml Roll-On

A blend of calming oils and Rosemary to aid improving personal orientation and mental clarity often challenged by headaches and migraine. This roll-on oil is fantastic to carry in your handbag relieving tension whilst on the go. This product is 100% Organically Certified.


Massage Oils & Sprays

Interested in purchasing your own Shine Om Essentials? | Head on over to our website for all your self care and essential oil needs.

Calm the Farm 120 ml Massage Oil

We recommend our massage oil for calming benefits using the Calm the Farm essential oils. This massage oil contains Avocado oil which is great for the skin and nothing beats a soothing massage.



Interested in purchasing your own Shine Om Essentials? | Head on over to our website for all your self care and essential oil needs.

Muscle Mate 120 ml Massage Oil

Revitalise and relax those tired and sore muscles with our Muscle Mate Massage Oil. This massage oil is derived predominantly from trees, inclusive of Camphor Bark, and combined with complementary essential oils which are both restoratives for your muscles and rejuvenating for your skin too.


Spritz 120 ml

Spritz can be made using your favourite essential oil or blend. Safe to use in the home, classroom or on the body these spray bottles are a great way to access the benefits of Essential Oils. We'd recommend Nighty Night to spray away the boogie man, Calm The Farm for teachers to use in the classroom and Winter Warrior to spray the home to keep the nasty bugs away. Please specify which scent you'd like when purchasing your spritz.


Skin Care

Shine Om natural Self-care Lotion available to order

Self-care Lotion 100 ml

Crafted with natural and organic ingredients, our ‘self-care lotion’ nourishes your skin without the toxins and parabens. Our products can be custom-made to suit your dermatology needs, Ayurveda dosha and can be made vegan. Our standard self-care lotion includes beeswax, shea butter, organic oils and pure essential oils.



Shine Om Self-care Lotion is made to order and customised to your skincare needs

Self-care Lotion 250 ml

Love our 100 ml Self-care Lotion but just want more of it? Then upsize to our 250 ml size. It contains all the same goodness but a whole lot more of it. Handmade in Canberra with natural and organic ingredients and crafted with love for you to shine.



Shine Om craft handmade Goats Milk Soap Bars unscented or scented with pure essential oils.

Goats Milk Soap Bar

Goats Milk Soap bars can be crafted either with or without your choice of an essential oil blend.



Almond Cleanser 50 ml

This product will have traces of nuts! Our almond cleanser is crafted with almond and avocado oils to provide quality Vitamin E and help retain moisture in the skin.



Almond Facial Exfoliator 50 ml

This product will contain nuts! Crafted with a combination of organic oils, including almond oil and added walnut husk for gentle yet effective exfoliation. As this product is made from natural and organic ingredients, shelf life is limited. Therefore, these products are made to order.



Toner 120 ml

Toner is the next step in your self-care routine after you’ve finished cleaning and exfoliating your face. Apply a few sprays to your face and gently make circular motions with a cotton wool ball to remove any excess dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. We’ll craft your toner to suit dry, oily or combination skin. This product comes in a brown spray bottle (left) or we can top up your original bottle (middle).



Shine Om handcrafts organic Green Clay Masks to add to your self-care routine

Green Clay Mask 50 ml

Crafted with organic green Australian clay and essential oils. As this product is made from natural and organic ingredients, shelf life is limited. Therefore, these products are made to order.



Shine Om Salt Scrub is available to purchase in your choice of essential oil

Salt Scrub 250 ml

Made with natural salt, oil and your choice of essential oils. We can also craft this salt scrub to your Ayurvedic Dosha. As this product does contain oil we prefer if this item is collected in person. If this is posted we cannot take any responsibility for leakage or breaks.



Eczema Relief Gel 100 ml

The loving act of soothing your child’s eczema is a memory that’ll last with them forever. We've crafted an Eczema Relief gel which reduces the itch and redness associated with inflammation making life a little more bearable. Made from natural and organic ingredients, your conscious can be soothed too. We don't claim to cure eczema, we just provide relief.


Psoriasis Relief Gel 100 ml

Take away the itch, even for a small amount of time, with our Psoriasis Relief Gel. Made with Aloe Vera Gel and organic essential oils our product aims to reduce the itch and pain associated with psoriasis not cure it.




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