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Finding purpose at South Coast Soul Festival

South Coast Soul Festival, was held over the weekend, headlining some key gurus in the yoga and wellness industry including Rod Stryker, Brad Hay, Mark Breadner and Commando Steve. The festival theme of living your dharma “soul purpose” and maximising your potential encouraged festival-goers to look deeper within themselves and provided the tools to do so.

Mark Breadner’s Dream Wild – Bigger Life, Greater Impact workshop outlined the 3 steps to success “Surround yourself with the right people, the right mentors and engage daily in the right practice”. Mark discussed establishing a vision, state of bliss, optimal feelings and identifying values, but the big takeaway from this session was to “Be Notorious” and to live a life by your design.

Rod Stryker posed the big questions – Who are you? Where have you come from and why are you here? Making attendees reflect deeply on the person they truly are and who they want to be enhanced by meditation and asana. Rod held various sessions over the weekend including Yoga Nidra- Enlightened Sleep and a Parayoga class generating enough heat in the greenhouse to warm a village. “I was late to the packed out class, so I was at the doorway, but you should’ve felt the energy coming out. It was insane,” says one festival-goer.

As opposed to merely being a yoga festival, this event focused on the expansion of mind and connection to the environment by incorporating yoga asana, meditation, breathwork, sustainability, indigenous ceremony, sound healing and personal growth workshops.

Unlike music festivals where you leave with pieces of you left behind with that inevitable yearning for more, this festival gifts you with a departing feeling of abundance of love and possibilities for potential.

Natalie Childs, the event coordinator and yogi, has mastered a space of safety, nurturing and awakening. The location at Bewong River Retreat was the perfect backdrop to bring together a community of likeminded individuals, which Nat achieved exceptionally well.

Did you attend South Coast Soul Festival or have you experienced a workshop from one of the fabulous presenters? I would love to hear about your experiences, comment below or contact us on Instagram or Facebook to start a soulful conversation. 

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