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Shine Om: Elevating Wellbeing Through Yoga and Mindfulness in Canberra

Empowering Canberra Kids, Teens, and Families Through Playful Yoga and Mindfulness

At Shine Om, we are committed to enhancing the lives of children, teens and families across Canberra through our unique blend of yoga and mindfulness practices.

Fostering Self-Regulation and Calm for Lasting Wellbeing

Your children are at the heart of Shine Om, where we focus on teaching kids, teens, and families how to self-regulate and find calm. Our weekly classes during the school term, family events, and private sessions provide the tools and time for mindful movement, relaxation, and strengthening connections.

Creating a Culture of Holistic Health and Wellness in Canberra

Our vision is to contribute to a society in Canberra where all ages embrace self-care and wellbeing rituals. Through Shine Om, we aim to catalyse positive change in the community.

Embrace Wellbeing: Diverse Classes, Nature Play, and Mindfulness

At Shine Om, we go beyond conventional yoga experiences. Our commitment to holistic development involves diverse classes such as Kid’s Yoga, Teen Yoga and mindfulness and family yoga sessions, all seamlessly integrated with nature.

The unique blend of nature play and yoga philosophy defines our approach. Whether practising yoga in the serene outdoors, embracing nature poses or engaging in activities promoting exploration, we aim to foster a deeper connection between children and the natural world.

Through mindfulness, we encourage exploration, fostering a deeper understanding of the environment while promoting physical and mental well-being. By infusing nature into our sessions, we aim to create a harmonious balance between mindfulness practices and the tranquillity of the great outdoors, providing an immersive and holistic experience for your family’s physical and mental well-being.

Flexibility and Accessibility: In-Person and Online Yoga

Our kids and family yoga classes are held at the Folk Dance Canberra Hall in Hackett, Inner North Canberra, and are also available online for teens. We offer Family Yoga and workshops across North and South Canberra regions. Private classes and individual lifestyle coaching are available, and we’re happy to travel to you.

Elevate Wellbeing with Our Comprehensive Offerings

Embark on a journey to elevate your family’s wellbeing with Shine Om’s diverse range of offerings. From Kid’s Yoga Classes to Teen Yoga, Family Yoga, and Private Adult Yoga and coaching, our holistic approach encompasses various practices to provide a truly enriching experience.

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Just a quick note to say thanks again. The kids really enjoyed yoga with you. It was so lovely after last week’s lesson on the way home they were both expressing their gratitude for taking them and Brandon said that he only wants to do yoga with you!!

Caroline lee-Ming, Kids Yoga Parent

We had Rachel come into our home for private yoga lessons for my kids. She was an absolute delight and an incredible yoga teacher. She was so lovely in engaging my girls in yoga and I am very certain they slept better the nights they did their yoga and breathing with her. I would have Rachel over every week forever if I could and cannot wait to hopefully have her teach the kids again in the future.