Shine Om encourages kids to get out and touch nature
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How to make a garden wand with your kids during sensory play at home

Kids love touching nature and getting all up close and personal with the world around them. This notion is called sensory play, and it is when children use their senses – sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell to explore their environments.

Sensory play promotes muscle coordination, assists with memory and language skills, boosts creativity and supports cognitive development.

In our kid’s yoga classes, we aim to include as much sensory play and opportunities for the kids to embrace nature as possible. One of the kids favourite ways to engage in their yoga environment is with our garden wand-making sessions.

Shine Om creates Garden Wands through sensory play activities in Kids Yoga.
The kids love picking their nature from the garden for wand making.

The kids love picking their nature from the garden for wand making, and it’s a highlight watching their faces light up when you go on a treasure hunt to find your ‘nature’, and they find the perfect pieces that they’ll use for your wands. It’s memory-making!

Here’s what you’ll need to try this nature-based activity with your kids at home.


You’ll need:

  • A thick stick to be the base
  • Nature
  • Twine or ribbon to tie
  • Your imagination


  1. Go on a nature treasure hunt to find your wand pieces
  2. Find your thick stick which will be the centre of your wand
  3. Once you have collected all your nature bring them back and start to wrap them around the centre stick
  4. When you are happy with it, use the twine to tie the nature onto the stick
  5. Wa La! You now have a garden wand, and now it’s time to make some magical memories together.


You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Sage
  • Twine or ribbon to tie


  1. Cut enough sage to make a thick wand
  2. Tie the string around sage while it is fresh to bundle it together
  3. Hang your sage wand upside down in a dry place away from direct sunlight to dry
  4. Burn your sage and use as a smudge stick, when it is dry.
Shine Om Sage Smudge Sticks
Nature play brings us into the present moment.

Always monitor your child if you choose to allow them to use the sage smudge stick and always follow fire and safety precautions and guidelines.

We would love to see how your garden and sage wands turn out so tag us on
 Facebook or Instagram or use #ShineOmAU to share your creations with us. 





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