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30 Life Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Living

Today is my thirtieth birthday. I have been looking forward to this day all year, and I’ve been reflecting on the decade of my 20s to set some intentions for the new era to come.

With 30 years around the sun, I’ve had endless opportunities to experience the world, learn and grow, continually adapting to the inevitable change that is life.

I’ve loved deeply, travelled broadly, grown and evolved, had my heart broken many times over, lost, gained and shared in so many unique experiences which have shaped my life. With this, I share with you 30 life lessons that I’ve learned and will continue to explore for many years to come.

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Find people who make you laugh and never let them go.
  1. Laugh hard and often. Laugh until you cry, laugh with others and most importantly know when to laugh at yourself.
  2. Don’t take life too seriously
  3. Love yourself – you’re a sexy, incredible, talented human being who has achieved so many miraculous things. You just being here is a miracle so celebrate you, be kind to you and love yourself unconditionally.
  4. Death is inevitable – I learned from a very early age that those you love most can be taken from you in an instant. So be here, now and live your life to the fullest.
  5. Travel – get out there and explore this beautiful planet. You may even find yourself along the way
  6. Move your body every day – dance, run, do yoga, hike, do CrossFit, climb things, move things, lift things whatever it is move your body and look after your vessel
  7. Work to live but don’t live to work
  8. Always make time to play
  9. Forgive – not to excuse the actions of others but to allow your heart to heal and move on
  10. Act with integrity
  11. Be kind to all beings, especially animals – kindness takes no effort so sprinkle that shit everywhere.
  12. Follow your passions – do what you can to pursue what makes your soul sing and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and fulfil your purpose.
  13. View the world with childlike curiosity, and you’ll always find wonder
  14. You’re better to try than to never try at all – Setbacks are just a variable measure of success.
  15. Make eye contact and smile at strangers on the street
  16. Don’t be afraid to say no
  17. Spend time in nature – garden, walk, hike, sit or just be in nature connecting with the earth and you’ll find you’ve hit the reset button.
  18. Self-care is essential, not optional
  19. Be a life long learner – study yourself, learn a new language, expand your knowledge on a topic but most importantly keep yourself open to learning from the world and those around you.
  20. Be present – meditate daily, put the phone down and be there in the moment with yourself and the people around you.
  21. Breathe – deeply and consciously
  22. Not everyone has the same opinions, intentions or innocence as you and that’s not a bad thing just don’t let it affect you.
  23. Express yourself – It’s OK to cry, get angry, rage safely and laugh at awkward moments. Get creative, do art, communicate freely, dance in the street, wear what you feel and make and do things that express your inner world.
  24. Life is a roller coaster – you have good times and bad, but each experience is a transient moment in time and adds to our evolving character.
  25. Everyone is fighting their own battles – be compassionate, caring, kind and considerate of others.
  26. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
  27. Communication is key – express what you need and want with honesty to eliminate assumptions, arguments, disappointments and regrets.
  28. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  29. Surround yourself with good people – find your tribe who are there with you in adversity and celebrate your success.
  30. Be a good human


I would love to know your life lessons and critical learnings that stand out for you. Comment below or on social media, and let’s listen and share messages from our inner intelligence.


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