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Yoga props you have at home

Online yoga has become more accessible, but it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new yoga props.

Here are some yoga props that you have in your home ready for you to start your practice.

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Yoga mats

Suppose you do not have a yoga or fitness mat at home use a sarong, towel or blanket to practice. Ideally, it would be non-slip to ensure you have a safe yoga class.

Yoga blocks

You could use books of equal size, blankets, towels or pillows. Books are more sturdy and would benefit you more if you used them in a dynamic yoga class. You could also use food cans.

The softer items such as pillows and blankets are great for yin yoga or restorative yoga.

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Yoga bolster

Yoga bolsters are commonly used in yin and restorative yoga. These yoga styles encourage relaxation. If are new to yin yoga read our article 5 Reasons why everyone should try yin yoga.

Instead of using a bolster, use a long pillow, lounge cushion or stack your sleeping pillows.

Yoga strap

You could use a sarong, scarf, bandanna or towel instead of a yoga strap.

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