Our Story

Rach Pope is a yoga teacher, wellness coach and natural skincare extraordinaireHey there, I’m Rach, Managing Director of Shine Om. I craft wellness experiences and self-care products to make you shine from the inside out.

I offer yoga classes to kids, teens and families as well as 1:1 Ayurvedic yoga consultations for adults.

I provide wellness coaching inclusive of nutrition consultations and I’ve crafted my own natural and organic skincare range to support your self-care practice.

I was a full-time Primary School Teacher for over 7 years and supporting kids for a further 4 years as a drama teacher, learning support assistant and an In2Uni mentor. It was in these roles, that I discovered children becoming more stressed, anxious and depressed. Having experienced these same struggles myself throughout my life I knew that yoga, mindfulness, meditation and essential oils helped me to calm the farm, so I brought these practices into the classroom.  And I’m so glad I did because I’ve seen some outstanding results.

After every break, my class and I would have mindfulness and meditation and after lunch, we’d have relaxation. I’d spray my Calm The Farm mist in the room which children could access themselves when needed and we’d do yoga ‘the fun way’ to give our bodies and minds a break from learning.

From these daily habits, I saw a change in my kids and myself. I began to witness the kids self-regulating using the breath and yoga techniques I’d taught them.  I found that they became more connected to themselves and each other, were more focussed and would certainly call me out if I’d forgotten any of our mindful sessions.

I’ve been blessed with my Mum who was the first person to teach me about self-care and who also taught me how to make my own skincare products. Growing up we’d be brewing up natural and organic potions and lotions in the kitchen that smelt so good you could eat them. It was this knowledge and understanding that set up my own self-care regime and inspired our Shine Om product range.

It was from all these experiences that Shine Om was born in January 2018. I wanted to share my wisdom learned from training and life to develop a community of mindful and connected individuals from the womb up to adulthood.

Now, if this is resonating with you and you’re looking for a holistic approach to wellbeing, then I’d love to work with you and your mindful minis too!

I’ve got a Graduate Diploma of Education Primary, a Bachelor of Arts: Community, Culture and Environment, a Diploma of Raw Food Nutrition, Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Training with Brad Hay, Meditation Training, Crystal Reiki level 1, ACT Mindfully Training with Russ Harris (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Energy Healing and Breathwork and Womb Healing all tucked into my leggings. And, I continue to study and broaden my horizons to bring you the best possible practice. Watch this space 😉

When I’m not teaching, coaching and crafting you’ll find me on active adventures which I share on my travel blog Spirit Quest Travel. I love nature, moving my body and connecting with friends and family so you’ll see me hiking mountains, diving in the depths of the ocean, hanging from a boulder, swimming in the sea or enjoying some cheese and crackers with the ones I love.

Want to learn more about how we can work together? Complete the form below or give me a call on 0424027623 to arrange a consultation or class.


Thanks for reading our story.

Keep Shining,