School Programs

Rachel offers yoga and mindfulness programs in schools from preschool to college. These programs align with the Australian curriculum, specifically with SEL and PDHPE, and can be uniquely crafted to connect with your school values, events or learning themes.

Rachel was a Primary School Teacher who implemented yoga and mindfulness into her classrooms and had outstanding results. She is passionate about sharing these strategies with teachers and young people to allow them to connect deeper with themselves and others to maximise their learning and life experiences.

Shine Om offers in-school Yoga and Wellness programs for young people aged 2-18.

Rachel’s yoga and mindfulness programs can support young people to learn to:

  • Identify when and where they feel heightened and methods to ‘calm the farm.
  • Connect with themselves and others with compassion.
  • Develop an understanding of yoga poses and their benefits to the mind and body.
  • Use strategies to reduce stress and experience being present.

Rachel offers

  • Yoga and mindfulness in schools – targeted for all ages
  • Teacher mentoring sessions
  • Self-care workshops for education professionals

For more information call 0424027623 or email