Essential Oils

Crafted with love for you to shine.

We have created our own personal essential oil blends trialled and tested to support your wellness and self-care routine.

I love Shine Om’s essential oils – Calm the Farm for the win! #ftw I use it for myself, and spray it for my class during their mindfulness practice after recess. It definitely calms me down. Thanks! – Bec, Canberra

How to use:

To use our essential oils place a few drops in an oil diffuser or in an oil burner. If using an oil burner always add a small amount of carrier oil and mix before burning.

Essential Oils can also be used as a perfume, on your clothes (always test on a small patch before using), placed on your pillow before sleeping and/or by adding a few drops to your bath. We recommend always patch testing on the skin for sensitivities before use.

Read on to find out how we recommend using each individual oil.


An uplifting blend of citrus and complimentary oils that assists with stimulating your senses and clearing your mind. This oil is the perfect accompaniment to help you bounce through your day.

You can also put a few drops on your clothing where the benefits will be with you all day. Always test on a small patch before using.




Everyone needs this blend in their homes this winter. Winter Warrior aids in providing relief from the chilly days and cold nights. The combination of oils, including eucalyptus and Tea Tree, helps clear the nose to breathe away those nasty toxins associated with cold and flu.

Apply a few drops to your clothing for relief throughout the day or on your pillow for evening relief.


A perfect blend of sleepy essential oils such as chamomile and lavender used to assist and encourage a good night sleep. Great to apply 3 – 5 drops to your hot bath and breathe in the aromas or place a few drops on your pillow to send you calmly into dreamland.

Interested in purchasing your own Shine Om Essentials? | Head on over to our website for all your self care and essential oil needs.
Calm the Farm is available to purchase as an essential oil, massage oil and also in a spritz.


Aids in reducing stresses associated with anxiety & over-stimulation. A combination of calming oils with an essence of lavender, to assist you with carrying on with your everyday life & keeping those worries away.

This beautiful fragrance will remain with you for some time and can also be used on the skin as a perfume as desired. However, always patch test prior to using and ensure there is no direct contact to UV light.  Calm the Farm is also available in a Massage Oil and Spritz, continue reading for more details.

Love everything Shine Om has to offer…particularly the Calm the Farm essential oils – a family favourite! We use it in our diffuser, on our pillows & even apply a dab or two to our clothes of a morning before school & work. Such a lovely, grounding scent reminding us of the strength we gain by stopping, return to our breath & calm that monkey mind – Louise, Canberra


Lavender is used as a sedative, antidepressant, anti-anxiety and calming agent. Great for relaxation and to accompany your yoga and meditation practice.

Apply 3 – 5 drops to a warm bath and take in deep breaths enabling the sedative properties to take effect.

Personalised blends and essential oils can be purchased upon request.

Massage Oil Range:

Interested in purchasing your own Shine Om Essentials? | Head on over to our website for all your self care and essential oil needs.
Purchase a Muscle Mate Massage Oil to relieve muscular tension and soreness.


Revitalise and relax those tired and sore muscles with our Muscle Mate Massage Oil. This massage oil is derived predominantly from trees, inclusive of Camphor Bark, and combined with complementary essential oils which are both restoratives for your muscles and rejuvenating for your skin too.


Calm the Farm is also available in a Massage Oil and Spritz. We recommend our massage oil for further benefits, as outlined above in essential oils. This massage oil contains Avocado oil which is great for the skin and nothing beats a soothing massage. Unfortunately, remedial massage therapists are not included in the purchase of this product.

Great for relieving headaches on the go.

Purse Size Roll-on: HEADACHE RELIEF

A blend of calming oils and Rosemary to aid improving personal orientation and mental clarity often challenged by headaches and migraine. The roll-on oil is fantastic to carry in your handbag relieving tension whilst on the go.

Apply to the temples, nape of the neck and forehead to relieve headache tension and above the lip for sinus headache. Always be careful when applying essential oils near the eyes.



15 ML ROLL-ON – $15


100 ML Spritz – $35

Our products are handmade with love and care and can be purchased from our online shop or collected in person from Canberra and Sussex Inlet on the South Coast, NSW.

We offer discounted rates for purchases made at our Family Yoga events in Belconnen ACT. We post within Australia for a flat fee of $15 and we can post internationally upon request. However, additional charges for International postage will apply.

* Essential oils with citrus contains bergapten, a dominant photosensitizer, that can cause severe reactions. Please do not place these directly on the skin which will be exposed to UV light in the UVA range due to the potential of “a reaction to a substance applied to the skin that occurs only in the presence of UV light in the UVA range, and it may be either phototoxic or photo allergenic.” Information obtained from Using EOS safely & Doterra.

Disclaimer: We do not claim essential oils to be a cure for illness or impairments. We recommend use with traditional medicines where required and always consult your doctor before commencing any changes to your health and wellness. If pregnant or under a Doctor’s care please consult your physician before using.