Family Yoga


Join me for an enjoyable evening of Family Yoga where kids and adults have an opportunity to mindfully laugh & play.

Family Yoga is a fabulous opportunity to gain all the benefits of yoga whilst having fun, connecting & strengthening bodies and bonds. Bring those closest to you (friends, immediate & extended family are all welcome) as we engage in fun and mindful movement.

What to wear: Active Wear which your child is comfortable moving in as they will be moving around quite a lot. We encourage nothing too long or flowing which your child may trip on i.e. flowing skirts or long flared pants.

What to bring: A water bottle & a small towel is required. Most importantly bring along an open mind and a willingness to have fun and participate. You are welcome to bring along your own yoga mat but it is not necessary.

Bookings for Family Yoga are required and can be made via contacting us or Eventbrite.

Terms & Conditions: All purchases are non-refundable. However tickets will be refunded if the event has to be cancelled due to inclement weather.